Hari Belanja Diskon Indonesia (HBDI) 07 August 2017

This event will have 2 categories:
  1. On August 17th - 20th 2017, will be held on every shopping centre in Indonesia. Along the period, you can enjoy many promotions that connected with number 72 like 72% discount or special price 72.000 IDR. The number have a meaning of 72nd birthday of Indonesian Independences Day
  2. Happy Birthday Indonesia Festival is an event that claimed to be a shopping festival & biggest retails in Indonesia. This Festival combine the show with bazaars that followed by famous brands, fashion show, talk show, music and culinary
There is also Jember Fashion Carnival on August 15th & August 17th 2017 at Gambir Expo, Jakarta. The other activity is HBD Run to Shop the Urban Trial that will held on August 13th 2017 on car free day.
As Imperial Group, we are commit to support this event by our participation. Like Imperial Shanghai Lamian & Xiao Long Bao, Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum, and Yumzaa that come with special deal to make HBDI more exciting. Check the details:   
- Imperial Shanghai Lamian & Xiao Long Bao: 45% Discount for these 5 selected items (Deep Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise, Sauteed Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli & Cashew Nut, Deep Fried Bean Curd with Chicken in Sichuan Sauce, Sauteed Egg White with Dried Scallop, and "Nanjing" Salted Duck)
- Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum: 7.200 IDR for selected items (Siew Mai and Deep Fried Vegetable Spring Roll)
- Yumzaa: 45% Discount for this selected items (Cheese Baked Rice with Duck, Cheese Baked Fusilli with Spicy Smoked Beef, and Claypot Baked Rice with Steamed Chicken Garlic)
The promo would be valid on August 17th till August 20th 2017
Terms & Conditions apply*

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