Located in Senayan City, Imperial Steampot specializing in Steam Kettle Cooking & Steamboat in Jakarta which managed by Imperial Group. Steam kettle cooking is an amazing approach to preparing Main Dishes that uses high pressure steam, an indirect heating method that allows flavors to remain robust without overcooking.


Offer wide variety of Live Fresh Sea Treasure selections, Imported Meat, Fish, Vegetable, Homemade Dumpling and Ball. Imperial Steampot also have condiment counter and serving over thanthan 30 different kinds of homemade sauce with one special signature sauce and dips to enhance flavors of food with.


We believe food Culture is a combination of social habits, great products, history, and tradition. Imperial Steampot wants to ensure that the food we provide reflects our culinary heritage and ethnicity. We want our food to be a delightful assault on the senses, making your dining experience an exciting journey from entrée through to dessert. Above all, we strongly believe in providing impeccable service to our customers at all times


We have designed and created the most unique and premium dining experience with a seating capacity of 166 people including 3 Private Rooms, we believe that we can provide an unforgettable dining experience.


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Senayan City Mall Jakarta
LG Floor  - Crystal Lagoon 
Jl. Asia Afrika No.Lot. 19
Gelora, Tanah Abang
Kota Jakarta 10270
Tlp. (021) 72781035

Get Free Get Free US Prime Sirloin Beef at Grand Opening Imperial Steam Pot

Bring your family and friends to enjoy the most unique and premium dining experience