A good culinary experience can be found at Imperial Shanghai Lamian & Xiao Long Bao, which is more commonly known as Imperial Shanghai Restaurant, Specializing in Shanghai food (No Pork No Lard). Using the open kitchen concept, diners are invented to witness the skills of selected chefs from China who will prepare the customers favorite on demand.



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Imperial Shanghai Lamian & Xiao Long Bao Plaza Indonesia
L1#113 127 B&C
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Telp (021) 3983 5100 

New Chef Recommendation Menu at Imperial Shanghai

Time to indulge yourself with some fresh - new menus that are specially crafted for you by all of our talented chefs! Click the link Read More down below to find them all out!

Imperial Shanghai is Now Available on GO FOOD

Need some food? Just order your favorite Imperial Shanghai menu through Go-Food and click order!

Free Chinese Birthday Bun

Birthday Treat! Our Expert Chef was made Chinese Birthday Bun for your special birthday

Brand New : Imperial Shanghai Lamian & Xiao Long Bao

We are pleased as well as excited to announce that on January 27th 2017, we will be known as Imperial Shanghai Lamian & Xiao Long Bao.

Free Coconut Pudding at Imperial Shanghai Lamian & Xiao Long Bao

We really love presenting the idea of Coconut pudding! Get free for that by following the Terms & Conditions. Check it out!