Chef Recommendation at Imperial Kitchen and Dimsum (Jawa Tengah & Cirebon)

New Month is indeed the perfect time to be celebrated with your loved ones. As for that, we have some delicious menu you'll definitely fall in love with, whether you want to share it first through your social media feeds, or even when you want to just dig right in, we got you covered!


1. Mantou Goreng isi Nanas (Rp 19.900)

2. Tim Sapi dengan Jamur dan Tausi (Rp 29.900)

3. Sapo Tahu dengan Daging Sapi Saus Pedas (Rp 42.900)

4. Tahu Pocay dengan Udang Saus Pedas (Rp 48.900)


Menus are available at Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum in Jawa Tengah and Cirebon