The Yumz - Langsung di Delivery (LDR) GoFood Promo

Want to eat alone, couples, or with family, no need to leave house!
Because The Yumz has a Langsung di Delivery (LDR) promo only on GOFOOD!

Get a SINGLE menus for Rp 29.900* (Rp 49.280)
Get a DUO menus for Rp 59.900* (Rp 109.560)
Get a PARTY menu for Rp 119.900* (Rp 215.820)

LDR GOFOOD promo valid on:
1. The Yumz Tangcity Mal Tangerang
2. The Yumz Summarecon Mal Serpong
3. The Yumz Mal Artha Gading

Go check GOFOOD apps or click and order your favorite The Yumz' menu right now!