Enjoy Tasteful Dish with BNI Credit Card. Get FREE Imperial Card



1. Get FREE Imperial Card for every purchase with minimum amount spent of

                - IDR 200.000 (Imperial Kitchen / Yumzaa / Happy Day / Imperial Tables)

                - IDR 100.000 (Imperial Cakery)

                - IDR 600.000 (Imperial Shanghai)


2. Get FREE e-voucher for new member

                - Imperial Kitchen/Yumzaa/Happy Day/Imperial Tables/Imperial Cakery

                  IDR 50.000

                - Imperial Shanghai

                  IDR 100.000

3. Every e-voucher stated in point no.2 will be valid on the next visit

4. This promo is valid from 14th October 2017 - 11th April 2018

5. This promo is cannot be combined with any other offers

6. Valid for all Imperial Group’s brand only

7. Valid only for BNI credit cards as stated below:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium (Style Titanium)
  • Super Premium - Infinite (Visa Infinite)
  • Co- Branding (Sumsel Babel Gold, Sumsel Babel Platinum, BNI-Chelsea, Ferrari Card, Bank BJB Gold, Bank BJB Platinum, and Matrix BNI Gold)

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