Imperial Tables vegetarian were created to meet the needs of vegetarian food which has now become a lifestyle for urban people who are very concerned about healthy food. Tzu Chi Hospital is the prime location for Imperial Tables Vegetarian, but we will continue to expand to other strategic locations.



Tzu Chi Hospital
Ground Floor #1 Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara 14470

Imperial Tables Vegetarian - Chinese New Year Hampers 2022

Dalam perayaan Imlek tahun 2022, Imperial Group mengadakan PROMO HAMPERS IMLEK dengan detail sebagai berikut:

Imperial Tables Vegetarian - Lunar Feast!

Yuk rayakan momen Imlek mu bersama keluarga tercinta di Imperial Tables Vegetarian !! Dalam promo LUNAR FEAST ini kamu bisa dapatkan FREE Orange Slice Cake!

Imperial Tables Vegetarian - Take & Joy

Looking for special offers that so tasty?