A Japanese fusion dumpling with a homy Japanese atmosphere and Gyoza (Japanese style dumplings) as the signature dish.

Gyoza originally comes from China, but it's a hugely common dish in Japan, and were arranged to blend in with Japanese fusion cuisine to the point that it has become one of Japan's soul foods.

Izuka Gyoza takes their pride to serve the best quality Gyoza in town as we have a wide variety of Gyoza, from standard pan-fried (Yaki Gyoza) and steamed dumplings (Sui Gyoza) to Pizza Gyoza (Gyoza topped with pizza filling).

Gyoza is enjoyed usually by dipping it in a concoction of soy sauce, vinegar and chili oil, but sometimes it is prepared in a way that doesn't need to be dipped in the sauce. It is a dish that you can eat as many as you like while enjoying the refreshing feeling unique to water dumplings.

Other than Gyoza, we also offer a wide variety of Japanese and Korean Cuisine.

We will continue to focus on providing freshly cooked food handmade by professional chefs dedicated to all of our stores.



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